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Depending on who you are or when you met me in my life, I’m either Oscar or Oz. I’m a product management executive, and have been in the space for around 20 years focusing on B2B & B2B2C organizations, and a plethora of other TLAs as well. I’m doing here is writing a few issues of Product related articles to tackle some of the more complex, nuanced matters we hit on a regular basis in our careers, focusing on the intermediate to senior level PM (with some jabs at us product execs, too). If there are topics you’d like to see more detail on, don’t hesitate to reach out.

The latest issue of Product, Progressing:

A topic germane to a lot of the teams I’ve managed or engaged with recently has been, how does one find oneself as a Product Manager? This issue is about exploring various aspects of product work(whether it be Product Managers, Product Owners, or User Experience Designers) that one encounters after…

Oz Lang

Two decades of Latinx Product leadership, at companies in the single digit millions to around $300B, leading both PM and User Experience. Mostly harmless.

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